Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well underway

Well after my brief panic over how uninspired I had been at the beginning of this project I am now really into it. I have realised that draping is actually quite fun although I still enjoy flat pattern cutting a lot more.

As we have to make an outfit I though I would push the boat out and go for 3 pieces! I am making a Cape, Shirt and Shorts. The cape and shorts were pretty easy to drape and pattern cut with only minimal changes to patterns after I toiled them. The shirt however has been the bane of my life the past couple of weeks! 5 toiles later and it finally is working :D

I went fabric shopping on Saturday and managed to get everything I needed for a lot less then I though considering I went to Berwick Street which normally is very over priced although the fabric is good quality.

So now I have till the end of the week to make up my final garments which I think I will be able to do.

Here is the page from my portfolio work of the outfit I'm making

I will hopefully post again tomorrow with progress on my outfit :D

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