Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lowie Placement Day 11

Today has been a very productive and interesting day. I started off by working through a list of customised hats that need to be made for the winter orders. I had to find the correct style and size of hat and sew the correct colour bow in place. I ended up finishing nearly 20 hats, which means we are a good way though the orders.

Bronwyn asked me to go a few stores in the west end that stock Lowie for market research purposes. I needed to find out what brands were merchandised with the Lowie stock. I was also on the look out for any other competitors. Bronwyn showed me this fabric poster she made of everything that Lowie is which is really interesting.

This trip meant I got to go the the Anthropologie store on Regent Street which is an amazing store. The overall layout and style of the shop is really interesting and modern yet has a vintage touch.

The Lowie stock seemed to be grouped with like minded brands and it was interesting to see the competitors up close.
When I was looking around I noticed this cardigan which reminded me of the cardigan that Bronwyn brought back from New York a couple of weeks ago. It is all knitted in a pretty pastel colour palette. It is also really flattering and if is was so expensive I would have bought it for myself!

I am so intrigued by this cardigan that I think I will try to make something similar.

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