Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lowie Placement Day 12

Today started off like usual with sewing bows onto hats for the winter orders and making more bows to go on more hats! We got some good news though that Bronwyn had passed her target for today of £1,030 for the London to Paris bike ride for EJF. It is really amazing how generous people are - some people were giving £50!

After all the hat making, which lasted until well after lunch, I had to go through a large order of stock that is being sent to Australia.

It is all Winter 2009 stock and it was nice to be able to really get a good look and feel of some of the garments. First of all I had to check what was already in the box and check that each item had the correct tag on. Then I had to retrieve the rest of the items from the relevant stock. The order included some of the Superfine Merino teadresses which although are lovely, they are also very heavy!

Whilst checking the tags I noticed that the clothing item have a little card in the tag with a spare button and some spare wool. I think this is such a nice touch and much better than having the spare button sewn onto the inside label!

Tomorrow I will need to start to pack up the order as small as possible without damaging the items so that it costs as little as possible to send.

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