Friday, April 23, 2010

Lowie Placement Day 13

I started off today by sewing 2 flowers onto caps for a order that needed to be sent out this morning. After I had sewn the flowers I collected all the other bits for the order which were mainly belts and checked that everything had labels on. I then went back to the big order for Australia and separated it out into styles of garment, i.e. cashmere all together, merino all together etc. I then wrapped the pile in plastic and sent the delivery out.

After lunch I had the fun task of sorting out a giant box full of ribbons! It was really nice to see all the different types that Lowie has and I enjoyed separating them out into groups like velvet ribbon, and vintage ribbon. Bronwyn has picked up some really interesting vintage ribbon from flea markets. The nicest one however is a silver ribbon from the 30's. I'm pretty sure that the ribbon itself has real silver running through it. Whilst sort through the box I found this little person: -

Bronwyn said I could keep her so I made her into a brooch. After sorting out all the ribbon I found that we had plenty of white velvet ribbon which is good as we needed to make some white bows for the winter orders of caps. It is really nice to see what has been collected over the years and I really enjoyed sorting it all out and making it nice and tidy!

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