Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lowie Placement Day 14

Today was my last day of placement at Lowie :(

It started of quite peacefully as I sewed a 4 white bows on caps for the Winter orders and then carried on making bows until Skye came in.

We then had to go through 5 big boxes of old winter stock, some of which is going to be carried forward til next season, and stock take it. I was really nice to see all the different garment and accessories but it made me sad to see the big box of discontinued items!

I then carried on making some bows while Bronwyn and Hannah went through the order for the winter stock. They went through each item deciding on how many to order and in which colours. After a about an hour and a half the final order was decided. It is going to cost just under £47,000! This cost is also just for the stock for the online shop and not for any of the boutiques and shops that have put in orders Bronwyn thinks that this stock will easily sell however and that they may need to put in another order later down the line.

As I lost my big snood when I was on holiday I thought I would treat myself to a couple of bits from Lowie and I choose the stripy organic cotton wrap, the mohair lacy wrap and two pairs of the merino cable mittens. Bronwyn very kindly gave me the mittens as a gift which was really nice :) She also said that they would have me back whenever I liked so I will definetely be going back for another couple of weeks as soon as I can!

Here is a close up of the mittens as you can't really see the detail in the above picture.

I have really loved my time at Lowie and think I have learnt alot about the day to day running of a small fashion business in the time I have been there.

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