Monday, April 12, 2010

Lowie Placement Day 5

Today I went to London College of Fashion with Bronwyn to meet with Alex and Dilys from the Sustainable Fashion Department. They give really good business advice for to businesses of all sizes to help them go forward in a more ethical and sustainable way.

It was a very interesting meeting as I found out more about Lowie as a company and found out that Winter 2010 season has sold nearly double that of last year. It's really nice to know that the company is expanding and I hope it continues in this upward spiral.

After the meeting we popped into Topshop as Bronwyn had spotted some chunky cotton knits - which is the initial inspiration point for Summer 2011. We tried lots of things on my nothing really grabbed us as inspirational as it was all quite muted and grungy where Lowie uses bright colours and a vintage style.

When we got back to the studio I started making bows again! Its nice to know that I can get on with bow making if there is nothing urgent for me to do. After lunch Bronwyn had a delivery of the samples that Anthropologie US had kept from her meeting over there from a couple of weeks ago. I sorted the boxes out and put everything away nicely.

We also received a small delivery of samples from the factory which included some mittens, capes and hooded snoods. Before this can be put away with the rest of the samples I had to sew a Lowie label in them. Some of the samples had been made up in different colour combinations so I have to duplicate stitch over some of it tomorrow.

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