Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lowie Placement Day 6

Today started quite slowly as I was finishing off bits that I left yesterday. I started by duplicate stitching all the red thread with cream thread as for some reason the factory had changed the desired colourway! It was really time consuming and tedious at times as it did not end up looking very neat. It did make me notice that the items really are hand made as they had quite a few mistakes in them.

Whilst I was sewing the correct colour onto the leg warmers I sat down with Bronwyn and Hannah and we went through the whole website checking that all the images and text was correct. There seemed to be a lot of changes that needed to happen, from resizing images to changing whole paragraphs of text. It was quite interesting to see this side of the business and it makes it even more clear that they do everything themselves.

Bronwyn then asked me to make a chart of marking on the progress of her fund-raising for the London to Paris bike ride in aid of the EJF. It took a long time to make and ended up being bigger than me! She is aiming to raise £1,300 but needs to raise 80% by next Wednesday. At the moment £680 has been raised.

I also found out today that Lowie sells their items through the websites http://www.ethicsgirls.co.uk/ and http://www.notonthehighstreet.com. Any item that sells get sent out from the Studio like usual however Lowie then have to pay the appropriate website a commission. This is quite a good way of getting the Lowie brand out there with other like minded brands.

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