Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lowie Placement Day 8

Today has been quite a busy day. I started out by having to sort out a giant box of clutch bags. All the bags are made from recycled fabric or vintage scarves so they are all one of a kind pieces. I found 27 different styles of bag and then had to count each design so they could be put up on the website.

As I mentioned before i had suggested that Lowie invest in a rotary cutter system for cutting out the circles for the flowers appliqu├ęs. The cutter arrived yesterday and today I had a chance to try it out. It is amazing! It cuts through multiple layers of fabric and cuts perfect circles every time. It is like a giant compass so is very easy to use. I ended up making 10 flowers as it made it so much quicker to cut out all the circles.
As this is the first time Lowie is having to export a large amount of stock to the USA for Anthropolgie I had to call the American Embassy to ask details about the import taxes and duties. It is a very complicated business although I spoke to a very nice American man about it and he helped me a great deal. It seems that the duty is paid as a percentage of the final transaction value of the item for example exporting a knitted scarf to the US costs 9.6% of the final value. It is going to be complicated to work out because each item has a different percentage of tax!

Tomorrow I am working at the EJF pop up shop again and I hope it is a little busier!

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