Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lowie Placement Day 3

Today has been really productive. I spent most of the morning on this gorgeous sofa making bows! I have got quite quick at them now and they are really addictive to make. I think I am going to start making them at home for wrapping birthday presents.

Here are some of the bows I have made. I love the gold/mink coloured ones at the bottom. I also love all the velvet ones, they feel nice!

Bronwyn then set me the task of trying to find some eco friendly or organic yarns that could replace the yarns that Lowie use at the moment. She went through some of the range with me and explained where the wool comes from, the merino and cashmere are the most gorgeous feeling wools! However Bronwyn really wants to make less impact on the environment so I started researching and 3 hours later had found a handful of possibilities who I am going to e-mail on Monday for more information.

Bronwyn also invited me to go to a meeting with her at London College of Fashion to meet with the sustainable fashion department - which should be really interesting and helpful for me as I would really like to be more enviromentally friendly!

I am working at the Environmental Justice Foundation pop up shop in Carnaby Street tomorrow which should be really fun. All the profits of anything sold go directly to the charity so I am really looking forward to volunteering there. More info on the foundation can be found here

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