Friday, May 28, 2010

Free for Summer

I have now completely finished Uni for the Summer. I am half relieved and half lost as I really need a break before the stress of 3rd year but I also can't really sit and not do anything.

I am hoping to start to be able to post every day, with updates on my blanket which is now just over 30cms (!!) aswell as other crafty projects I happen to start.

We should be receiving a Summer project from Uni at some point which is probably going to be a general research project to start us off on our pre collection when we go back in September. In view of this I am going to try and go to as many exhibitions as I can to see if anything inspires me!

Last week I went to Quilts exhibition at the V&A and I really enjoyed it. Although it was frustrating not being able to take any pictures due to copyright issues. It has a really great mix of traditional and modern ideas and techniques. I particularly liked the work of Sara Impey. I love the use of stitch lines to create colour and texture.

Also when I was wandering around I managed to see 3 of the elephants that are part of the Elephant Parade that is on in London at the moment. They are really fun and love that that they are just dotted around! I am hoping to try and find some more this weekend :)

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