Friday, May 14, 2010

The things I do when I'm bored!

Well I had my presentation yesterday and it went quite well although I was ridiculously nervous! But this does mean that I am pretty much finished for the year which is scary as it means I am nearly in my final year... but also good because I really need a break.

This means though that I am going to be really bored and need to get some projects on the go to tide me over the Summer!

After browsing I found a post about the scrapghan which is a blanket made of loads of scraps. As I have a massive amount of wool that I have been collecting over the years so thought it was time to do something to use some of it up.

I picked out all the purpley and green wool from my stash and I am slowly knitting it up.

I am using really short needles so its all scrumpled up! But I really love how it is looking at the mo.

close up!

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