Wednesday, June 16, 2010

busy busy busy

This week has been a week of knitting!

I first thought I would update on my blanket...

It is getting big! It is starting to get too heavy for the needles so I may need to change to some metal ones for added strength.

I love all the colours together though

I also thought I would start to knit in the round more often. For some reason I had a phobia of double pointed needles and it is pretty tricky to begin with but now I get the idea I really love knitting this way.

I decided to test my skills by making a simple pair of socks for Fathers Day. I hope he likes them!

I have loved all the flower headbands that are in the shops at the moment but think they are over priced and not the best quality so I decided to make one myself! I love it :)

I love having the time to be crafty and really get back into knitting although I am slowly get more and more obsessed again!!!

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