Saturday, September 11, 2010

Magazine love

Hi my name is Sam and I have an addiction to magazines.

I end up going into my local WH Smiths about 3 times a week to see if there is anything new and exciting out and spend way too much money on them! I buy cooking mags, knitting mags, fashion mags and menswear mags and as soon as I get them I want more!

During my addicition though I find som truely great magazines. My favourite couple at the moment are Company High Street Edit and Oh Comely.

I bought the Spring/Summer high street edit from Company earlier this year and loved it and then completely forgot about it. I then saw it again on one of my trips to Smiths and decided to see if it stood up to my memory of it. And it did! I love the In Store Now feature which shows the best bits to buy from all the top high street stores. The whole magazine is well put together with a good mix of fashion buys, articles and photoshoots.

The other magazine I decided to give a go was Oh Comely. I hav flicked through the first issue but haven't bought it until now. I really like the light hearted style of the writing and features. I also love the use of pretty illustrations throughout and the layout style is fresh and modern. The magazine tagline 'keep your curiosity sacred' fits perfectly with the magazine and my own outlook on creativity.

definitely go buy these magazines. right now!

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