Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 5 Statement Animal Rings

I tried to post this yesterday but for some reason it was playing up so here it is now!

I love animal rings. They bigger and more random the animal the better! Here are my top 5 animal rings for Autumn/Winter 2010

Number 5

Everyone loves a bit on bling and what could be better than a crystal encrusted duck! This Topshop ring is a perfect example of what the high street has to offer this season. The duck stands proud on a gold tone band and would look great dressed up or down. At £20 its not the cheapest around but with all those crystals I think its worth it!

Number 4

There seems to be a mini trend forming at the moment for multi finger rings and this flying eagle example from ASOS is perfect. It is worn on three fingers so I am not sure how wearable this would be on a day to day basis but for a special fashion occasion or night out it is perfect. It would give a rock n' roll look to any outfit and at only £10 its a bit of a steal.
Number 3

I love the film Fantastic Mr Fox and this gorgeous fox ring reminds of its charm. With foxes getting such bad press at the moment this cute ring available from Urban Outfitters has come at just the right time. It is made of oxidised silver so comes with a price tag of £98 but since it wont end up turning your finger green or go all coppery it's a good buy.

Number 2

This cute little bunny reminds of the song 'Bright Eyes' in Watership Down. I love that this ring from Me & Zena would sit quite flat to the hand so it could be worn on a daily basis. Its available in either gold tone with green eyes or silver tone with blue eyes. It is £25 and it is definitely going on my birthday present list!

And the winner is...

I love random jewellery and this ring from Galibardy is just that. Although its not strictly an animal anymore (more of a skull!) it is stunning. It would be perfect for the glam goth look that rocked the Balmain catwalks for this season. The ring can be worn as is or can be threaded onto a chain through the eye holes and worn as a pendant. So with a price of £45 it is quite a bargain for 2 pieces of unique jewellery!

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