Saturday, November 13, 2010

end to a long long week

This week has been long, tiring and at times stressful. I have had to temporarily move out of house while the letting agents finally sort out the problem with our bathroom so have had to move to Uxbridge to stay with the boy for the week. It has been lovely to spend so much time here but then with the thought of a 4 hour round trip just to get to work and uni it has not been ideal.

Although on a good note Barbara seemed to like the basic idea for my collection. It is based on 1970's American Skateboarders and I am really enjoying it. I still haven't got the right fabrics however so need to sort that out by Tuesday.

I have been quite stressed out with pre-collection so far although for some reason I have been finding a lot of time to do nothing! I have been making Christmas presents, knitting and watching films. The best film I have seen recently was How to Train Your Dragon. I love animated films and this one is really lovely.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nothing more I can do now....

well after a day and a half I have finished my initial designs and have come up with an initial line up ready for my tutorial tomorrow. I am pretty happy with it although I think I need some different fabrics.

Lets see what Barbara makes of it tomorrow....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Although I love the concept for my pre collection I have been finding everything I could possible do to not actually do any work.

I have been making Christmas presents, baking cakes, tiding my room....

Hopefully today will mark the end of my dilly dallying and the start of my serious designing!
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