Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3rd year is hard!

Well this week has once again been a stressful one!

On Tuesday I had my first fitting for Pre Collection and although it went quite well I did my normal thing of getting really stressed and worried that I had too much to do. My mood wasn't helped by a ridiculous amount of snow which caused Uni to be closed at 2pm so have had no access to sewing equipment so I can start changes on my outfit.

On top of that I still had to go to work and walking in the cold, dark slipperiness was not fun!

I am feeling a bit better about everything now after I had a good night sleep last night and work up feeling ready to organise my work and although Uni was closed again today it meant I could focus a little more on my dissertation which at the moment is going quite well.

When I finally get back to Uni this is what I will be focussing on

I am making a jacket out of denim which is going to have this stripe technique as the main feature. I have worked out that I am going to have to pull of 3080 threads! So I am sure I will update with my progress on that as soon as get started!!

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