Friday, January 28, 2011

time to get organised

well final collection is now well underway, but I have been finding it tricky to get focused and organised. As I was going to London again today to get some more fabrics I decided I needed a weekly diary so I can plan my time effectively. I went to Paperchase in Westfield which usually has everything I want and more but I couldn't find anything that I liked enough to spend £10 on! so I decided to travel to Selfridges which although tends to be expensive has a massive selection of stationery. It is here that I found out about Artbox. I love anything cute and I could have spent a ridiculous amount of money in there but I ended up coming away with the loveliest weekly planner I have ever seen, some little animal stickers and some speech bubble post-its and only spent £8! I will definitely be ordering some bits from the website!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

and so it begins again

After a bit of a mad rush over the weekend I have finally finished my dissertation! I just to print it off and get it bound and then all my hard work over the last 5 months has paid off :)

However there is no rest for a poor fashion student as Final Collection is well under-way now. My tutorial last week went really well however I have a lot of work to do over the next week and a half. I am going to be looking at denim workwear, which usually is very monochrome, and converting that to colour. I am focussing on the shapes and silhouettes off the 1930's and 40's and mixing that with craft techniques of the time - namely smocking, patchwork and perhaps knitting. I am really excited to get going as I get to use fabrics I love, florals and prints, mixed with crafts that I enjoy too.

Today is the first trip of many, I am sure, to the fabric shops of London. I need to quickly decided on the colour story and fabrics that I want to use, and hopefully I will be able to post again tomorrow with the majority of the fabrics I will be using.

Here are a couple of the most inspirational images I am looking at:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Long time no blog...

oops...just realised how long it has been since I blogged!

Pre-collection got stressful and busy and then it was christmas and new year which were equally stressful and busy

But now I have handed in pre-collection had reasonably good feedback and are now have the stressful and busy task of Final Collection

I have some ideas which include keeping me thread pulling technique but expanding it and pushing it even further and mixing that with a collection of photographs I found from the early 1940's America

Images can be found here

All the while I have been listening to this song by The Cinematic Orchestra over and over again. I first heard it on This in England '86 but couldn't find out what it was until now!

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