Monday, June 20, 2011

Final Collection Catwalk Video

Here is the video from my catwalk debut at GFW!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I thought I would leave a little note about a website that I am a little bit obsessed with at the moment! Pinterest is a relatively new image saving website that is is amazing.

I have been wanting to set up an account with an image saving website for ages as I always come across inspirational things and then loose them but all the sites I looked at seemed complicated and awkward to use. Pinterest is so easy to use as when you set up an account you download a little tab that sits on the top of your web browser which means you can pin images from any website you are on. You can set up as many folders as you like and fill them with anything you want to keep track on and you can re-pin other users images that you like.

Its completely free and they have just launched an iPhone app which means you can pin on the go!

have a look at my boards here!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The lovely people at Drapers have done a little feature on us lucky 7 who were chosen to represent GFW - check it out here if you have access to the online content if not here is what it says!

With less than a week to go before the start of Graduate Fashion Week, Drapers catches up with some of the students to give you a sneak preview of their designs.

Name of Student: Samantha Wood

Name of University:University of the Creative Arts Epsom

Specialism: Menswear

Inspiration behind the collection

My graduate collection is based on a selection of American colour photographs from the time of the Great Depression. They were interesting to me as most photos from that time were black and white, drab and depressing, however these photographs had a joy and colourfulness to me. I love taking an American influence but contrasting it with a very British edge.

Details on the collection

The garment shapes and silhouettes are based on a mixture of American workwear and sportswear. I contrasted these shapes with fabrics in pastel blues, greens and creams with hints of burgundy and tan. I also managed to create a few new textiles for this collection, both print and through manipulation of a floral print which really brings the collection together.

Career ambitions

After graduating I hope to gain experience interning at different British menswear designers before I decide what I want to specialise in. I have an interview this week with JW Anderson. My collection has taught me that the possibilities in menswear design are endless and I am very excited to find out where I am best suited.

Last Style of Defense

I have been featured on the great Menswear blog Last Style of Defense - check it out here!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and breath..

Apologies for the recent lack of posting but I have had a lot of stress finishing my final collection.

I was selected to be on the catwalk at GFW, which was both unexpected and amazing and then have had wave after wave of exciting and stressful things happen to me which has left this little blog all alone.

Firstly I was selected by my tutors along with 2 other students from my class to be sent to the graduate fashion week PR office for a photoshoot of one of our outfits. I didn't expect anything from this but was ecstatic that I was chosen as there are some ridiculously talented menswear students in my year! Then somehow, (I think maybe a fairy sprinkled some good luck dust on me...) my photo was chosen as one of 7 to represent GFW this year :-O I have seen it on various blogs and on the Telegraph website which is just crazy!

I then found out that got a first in my dissertation which I was definitely not expecting. I had put alot of work into it but never thought I was that great at writing things. My subject was 'Is knitting relevant to the modern feminist?' which surprisingly I was able to create a convincing argument for!

After our final hand in a couple of weeks ago I found out that I was being nominated for the Portfolio Award at GFW and although I wasn't short-listed it was an amazing feeling as I put in a lot of hard work to create and exciting and colourful portfolio that really represented me.

Yesterday was the UCA Epsom show and I had one of the best days of my life. It was so exciting to see all my hard work coming together and walking down the catwalk and I was so proud of myself and all my friends for putting on an amazing show. I also found out that I received a first for my Final Collection so all I have to worry about now is finding a job...

Here is a picture of me and the rest of the catwalk students from yesterday, somehow I ended up in the middle! Love you all x

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