Tuesday, August 23, 2011

dreaming of blustery days part IV


Last week I had some exciting news that Client Magazine wanted to pull 2 looks from my graduate collection to feature in a photoshoot in the September issue of the magazine! I was a little wary to begin with as I have had bad experiences with fashion stylists leading me on only to let me down at the last minute. However everything about this shoot sounded perfect and so I trundled off to London yesterday after noon with garments in hand. I hopefully will know reasonably soon whether any images featuring my garments will be featured in print but either way I will get copies of the photos which will be really exciting! I will let you know more as I find out.

In other news...Today is the last of my Autumn colour palette picks and today is it rusty orange. I really love this colour although don't own anything orange at all - I think that will change this season!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1. I used to work in a little Monsoon shop that didn't stock the Fusion line and used to get overly excited when anything Fusion was returned. This top is the most gorgeous shade of orange and has lovely embellishment that help make it the perfect day to night top

2. This necklace is the perfect way to try out the rusty orange colour if you are not sure it would suit you. I love that it looks like a shard of sparkly rock

3. Snuggly jumpers are the best thing about Autumn and this one has some of my favourite features - loose shape, stripes, cables and orange!

4. It has been well documented on this blog my love for animal jewellery or print. This cat print dress from brand ViVi is amazing. If I ever end up having spare cash this is the dress I am going to buy first!

5. Brogues are my favourite shoes. They are comfy and add a masculine edge to my otherwise very feminine wardrobe. Recently I have fallen head over heels for these creepers.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Boost

This week has flown by! I was working quite a lot and then had a ridiculous amount of items to list on ebay over the weekend - 43 and counting!

I haven't really got much to say although I do have exciting news to talk about tomorrow hopefully! So I will leave you with some cute overload pictures that have helped boost my Monday morning!


Monday, August 15, 2011

dreaming of blustery days part III

This week sees my last visit to my University home in Epsom which I am both glad and sad about. It means I no longer have to spend hours on the train to clean and tidy the house but it also closes the door on my life for the last 4 years.

It also means I have a ridiculous amount of stuff that I need to sell or get rid of, so the next couple of weeks are going to be full of ebay listing and car boot sales...joy!

Back to the most important thing though, my next instalment of autumn colours which today is deep ivy green

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1. I love tops that you can layer in autumn as you never know how the weather will change. This top would be perfect with a thin jumper or roll neck, or even a pretty long sleeved floral dress underneath.

2. Ever since I found a gorgeous peach pair of chinos in Primark earlier this year I have been hooked on trousers. I find it tricky to get the perfect mix between slouchy and tailored though but these bottle green beauties look perfect to me.

3. I love a long sleeved dress and this New Look one is lovely and floaty with a pretty star print. It looks perfect for dressing up with burgundy woolly tights and heeled brogues. I also love the cape detail overlay.

4. If I could convince my feet it was a good idea to walk around in heels everyday these strappy wedges would definitely be the first on my list to buy. I don't think I could even manage an evening in theses shoes though so they will have to stay on my window shopping list unfortunately!

5. I go through phases with my handbags. Sometimes only a huge bag where I can lug around everything I own will do but more often than not I would rather a pretty little across body bag to kept the essentials in. This one from River Island looks deceptively small and is smart enough for work or play.

I have lots of ideas for post coming up with things I have made and diy ideas which I am excited to share :)

Do you like green for Autumn? Do you carry around your whole life in your handbag or prefer to carry only the essentials?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

never judge a book by its cover

Today I had an excuse to go shopping! I haven't bought anything for myself since about April as at first I had to save all my money to finish my collection and then I had to save money to move in with the boy.

I had to get a couple of bits of uniform to wear for my new job and after a quick look in all the main shops I had only bought a black t-shirt. I thought all was lost and started to head home but as I was making my way through the shopping centre I passed Internacionale and decided I had nothing to loose by having a quick look. I have always walked straight past this shop and it seemed a bit cheap and tacky but I have been missing out! There are definitely some questionable pieces but the majority of the stock is gorgeous fashion forward pieces in must have
colours and the quality seems great. But I haven't mentioned the best bit... the price!

Dress: Internacionale, Belt: New Look

I cannot believe I found this dress. It is exactly what I was looking for and will be perfect for work. I love the shaping and skater style skirt. It is made of a really thick jersey which means it holds everything in but is still really comfy to wear and it was only £14.99! I found the little patent belt in New Look and think it really finishes on the look.

Blouse: Internacionale, Earrings: BHS

Well this isn't strictly for work but it was such a bargain I had to get it. It is the perfect mustard shade which fits in brilliantly with my last post. It is a cute cropped length and has scalloping on the sleeves and down the button stand. I cannot wait to wear this!

Blouse: Internacionale, Earrings: BHS

I only popped into BHS to have a quickly look at the lingerie and on the way out I spotted the jewellery sale. I had a little look and didn't find that much I liked until these babies caught my eye. They are a lovely old gold colour and feature a stag head. I have an obsession with anything with an animal on it so had to get them! They were marked up at £2 which I thought was a bargain but when they went through the till they were £1! I love it when that happens.

Have you recently discovered any amazing shops or found any amazing bargains lately?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

dreaming of blustery days part II

Since my last post I have started my new job and it seems to be going well so far. Everyone there is really friendly so thats good! Thanks to everyone who sent good luck messages :)

Here is the second part of my autumn colour palette series which today focusses on mustard!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1. You can never have too much lace in your wardrobe and mustard coloured lace would be perfect all year round. I love the slight scalloped edge to the hem as well.

2. This top is stunning! It pretty much has everything I love. Peter pan collar - check, lace insert - check, floaty shape - check, bow detail - check. The only thing is missing is some sort of animal design!

3. Simple mustard belt really, but I like the little heart details.

4. I really like the print on this skirt. It sort of reminds me of 1970's wallpaper, maybe its the brown and yellow. It looks like its a good length as well not too short, not too long.

5. I have tried on lots of tasselled loafers over the last few months and they all look a little odd on me. I hope these ones are as nice in real life

What do you think of my choices? Are there any mustard gems that I missed?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

good food, good wine, good company

This week I have had a weeks holiday in between finishing my old job and starting my new job. It has been great to have some time to myself to focus on my business plan, playing with the dog and baking.

- Earlier on in the week I made a Sunflower Seed Loaf which was my first ever proper loaf of bread which I made totally by hand and it turned out really well.

- I spent alot of time with little Bramble which has been really good although I did end up scaring her up the sofa whilst trying to brush her!

- This weekend the boy and I went back home to the country for his Grandpa's 85th birthday. Its always good going back to his parents house as they also have plenty of lovely food and drink. We had a gorgeous sunday lunch today of summer lamb and roasted new potatoes. His Mum asked if I would make a cake, as my baking skills are known far and wide (haha!), so I made a Lemon Victoria Sponge with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. It turned out to be huge but really light and lemony and it seemed to go down well with everyone!

Tomorrow I have the induction to my new job. I am excited to be starting something new but I am also nervous although I am sure it will be fine.....hopefully....wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dreaming of blustery days...

I have decided that I really don't like summer. I hate it when it is too hot to wear anything except a bikini. I hate it that I have to load up on sun cream - I would probably burn by just peeking out of my front door. I hate that you can't enjoy a nice walk in the park without being eaten alive by midges and wasps. I love the idea of summer, all the pretty dresses, ice creams on the beach and lazing with a Pimms but it never works out so idyllically.

I much prefer Spring or Autumn. You can layer gorgeous textured knits over pretty blouses with skirts and woolly tights. The colours of Autumn always appeal to me too - maroon, mustard, ivy green and rusty orange. Over the next few days I am going to put together my favourite pieces for the new season, not that I have enough money to buy all these things but I can dream!

Today is maroon day!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1. There is nothing better than a peter pan collar and then mix that with maroon and lace it is pretty much unstoppable!

2. I have been looking for a new cosy knit cardigan that will go with anything and this one from New Look is perfect to throw over pretty dresses to keep snuggly.

3. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this jacket by Goldie. It is gorgeous and sheer and would look good worn on its own as a shirt.

4. At 5'3" I shouldn't really be looking at maxi skirts as they will only make me look even shorter but I love the easy feel of them. This one would be perfect to match with all the other autumnal tones of next season.

5. I love the androgyny a pair of brogues makes to an outfit and these ones with block heels would be a perfect daytime comfy shoe

Over the next week or so I will choose all my other autumnal favourites!

What do you think of Summer? Do you enjoy the heat or prefer cooler weather?
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