Sunday, August 7, 2011

good food, good wine, good company

This week I have had a weeks holiday in between finishing my old job and starting my new job. It has been great to have some time to myself to focus on my business plan, playing with the dog and baking.

- Earlier on in the week I made a Sunflower Seed Loaf which was my first ever proper loaf of bread which I made totally by hand and it turned out really well.

- I spent alot of time with little Bramble which has been really good although I did end up scaring her up the sofa whilst trying to brush her!

- This weekend the boy and I went back home to the country for his Grandpa's 85th birthday. Its always good going back to his parents house as they also have plenty of lovely food and drink. We had a gorgeous sunday lunch today of summer lamb and roasted new potatoes. His Mum asked if I would make a cake, as my baking skills are known far and wide (haha!), so I made a Lemon Victoria Sponge with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. It turned out to be huge but really light and lemony and it seemed to go down well with everyone!

Tomorrow I have the induction to my new job. I am excited to be starting something new but I am also nervous although I am sure it will be fine.....hopefully....wish me luck!


  1. The bread and the cake both look delicious! Good luck with your new job :) x

  2. Good luck with your new job! That cake looks amazing! xo

  3. I must say, the bread and the cake both look very professional! And Bramble is cute...that's my dog's name too!x

  4. Best of luck with your new job. Bramble is soo cute :).

    Sadie x

  5. Thanks for all the good luck wishes for my new job, it is going well so far!


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