Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lace and Half Moons


I have had a really nice day today. I went to meet my mum and stepdad in a town near me for a bit of shopping and catching up. I took Bramble along which turned out to be a bit crazy as every 5 mins I got stopped and asked all manner of questions about her! She loved it though!

I bought a snuggly burgandy cardigan and some new brogues from Primark as I needed to return a couple of things. When I got home I decided to change the laces in the brogues to some vintage lace ribbon I had kicking around. I am bit worried about wearing them in the rain now but I think they look really cute. What do you think?

I also tried out half moon nails for the first time. I didn't have any of the hole reinforcer's like Gem from GemFatale suggested so I cut a little semi circle from masking tape and used that instead! I used a Collection 2000 Hot Looks polish in Button Moon which is a lovely minty duck egg colour as a base and then used a Rimmel polish in a really lovely metallic gold colour that I got in a goody bag at graduate fashion week.

Hopefully going to Capitol Car Boot sale tomorrow if the weather is okay so I may have lots of bargains to share with you tomorrow.

Does anyone have any plans for the rest of the weekend?


  1. Hey, love your blog dear :D!

    newest follower :3

    Effy <3.

  2. Oh, your shoes look so cute. What a great idea! :) xx


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