Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holidays are Coming Part 1


Recently I have really wanted to get crafty. When I was at Uni I was always making, drawing, designing and sewing but since graduating I have found it really hard to get back into that mindset. I decided to start a little series of Christmas craft tutorials as I love the festive season and think that home-made gifts and decorations are much better than  shop bought ones! So here we go

Holidays are Coming Part 1 - Homemade Gift Tags

In my family I am the queen of gift wrapping! I love finding pretty paper, ribbons and tags and making the presents look beautiful. This year I am trying something a little different but still hoping I will keep my title! We always tend to recycle old Christmas cards into tags by cutting them up and hole-punching a little hole in the top but this time I decided to make my own. Here is what you will need: -

(great excuse to eat some Quality Streets....)

After gathering all your supplies you need to decide on what design you want on you tags. I chose  traditional Christmassy things of a present, a Christmas Tree, a cracker, some baubles and some stars. draw the designs on you tags, I put my in the corner so I would have had enough room to write my festive message. Make sure you choose designs that work well as a silhouette as you will be cutting out the shapes. 

Next take your safety ruler and craft knife and carefully cut out the designs. You will need 2 luggage tags per  Christmas tag so you will need to cut out the same design twice.

Next decide on the colour you want you design to be. Pick you sweetie label and cut a small square that just covers the edges of the cut out.

Carefully apply a little PVA around the edges of the cut out (as the wrapper is so thin it only needs a small amount of glue) and lay the wrapper over the hole. Gently press it into place and leave to dry for a couple of minutes.

Lastly cover the label with more PVA (being careful not to get any on the cut out) and sandwich the labels together. I then placed the tags between 2 heavy books and left them over night to fully dry. Pop some string or ribbon through the hole on the top and you are ready to use the tags!

They have a lovely stained glass effect and are a great excuse to eat some yummy chocolate :) I would love to see if anyone else tries this idea - I think it would also work really well with Christmas cards or decorations!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A-Z of Me!

Oh hello! What is this? Another post with a week in between! Amazing!

I have been inspired by the recent A-Z style posts from Ella and Lisa so thought I would give it a little go! 

A. Age: I am nearly 25 (horror!) but still get ID'd so at least I don't look it!

B. Bed size: King Size - its a good thing too because I like to steal the duvet from the boy :)

C. Chore that you hate: I normally don't mind chores when I am in the mood but the one I dislike most is washing up - it always ruins my nails!

D. Dogs: I love dogs. We have a puppy called Bramble and if we didn't live in a flat I would definitely want another one!

E. Essential start to your day: I tend to do things differently depending on if I'm going to work or not. If working its an orange juice and croissant on the move. If I'm at home its a long breakfast of homemade american pancakes and endless cups of coffee!

F. Favorite color: At the moment its burgundy and dark green but it changes with the seasons

G. Gold or Silver: I used to hate gold with a passion but now I can't get enough - especially in rings

H. Height: 5'3.5" ( that half an inch counts!!)

I. Instruments you play: I don't play any but would love to learn to play the banjo or ukulele and start a folk band

J. Job title: Currently Customer Service Leader but hopefully in the next few months it will be Menswear Designer!

K. Kids: Nope, none in the foreseeable future either!

L. Live: Uxbridge, London, UK

M. Mother’s name: Ann

N. Nicknames: Woodsy and Spam. If someone calls my Sammy then I stop talking to them!

O. Overnight hospital stays: I had a weeks stay in hospital when I had my appendix out

P. Pet peeves: Dawdlers - walk with purpose dammit! and patronising people - in my current job I was advised that if I needed to find out what a jumper was made off I should look at the label in the side... I mean I have a degree in fashion and wear clothes on a daily basis but I had no idea about that.....

Q. Quote from a movie: 'Ring, ring! Who's there? Destiny? I've been expecting your call.' As said by Rhino the hamster in Bolt

R. Right or left handed: Right handed

S. Siblings: 1 sister and 1 step-sister and 1 step-brother

U. Underwear: Not sure how to answer this one but I do like a pretty matching underwear set!

V. Vegetable you hate: I am a lover of most vegetables but I do hate aubergine. Also I know it isn't a vegetable but I hate Coriander - it is the herb of the devil!!

W. What makes you run late: My boyfriend, I hate being late with a passion and he seems to relish in my stress levels

X. X-Rays you’ve had: I had one when I was 3 and broke my leg when jumping down the stairs and another when I fell into my Grandad's greenhouse when I had been told not to walk on the wall - oops
Y. Yummy food that you make: I am a pretty keen baker, I love making any kind of cupcake, macaroon or cookie

Z. Zoo animal: Tigers! My favourite animal by far. I really want a tiger tattoo but haven't found the perfect design yet

If you decide to give this a go please let me know and leave me a link :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Renegade Craft Fair


After my bad news I haven't really felt great about blogging. Several times I have sat down and wanted to write but nothing ever seems like its worth it. I am going to try and ease myself back in with a few posts about what I have been getting up to recently.

Last Saturday I travelled across London to visit the Old Truman Brewery, right by Spitalfields Market where the Renegade Craft fair was being held. Finding the venue felt like a little adventure as we followed chalk directions and arrows on the pavements to a little black door surrounded by bunting and the famous owl sign. After entering the giant room we were confronted by a wealth of colour, texture and sound and instantly I knew it was worth the trek!

I had taken cash with me but mainly was looking for inspiration for my birthday and Christmas list as they always come around I never have any ideas and end up not getting anything I really love. I found so much that I want I am going to have to start befriending random people so I can ask for more presents!

A couple of my favourite places were the Pretty Zoo stall and Elsy and Vine. The hare necklace from Pretty Zoo is stunning and I love the cute wooden frame the little portraits sit in. I would have bought it straight away however it was £40 so will definitely be putting it on my Christmas list!

(Image from Pretty Zoo Website)

The textiles from Elsy and Vine were right my street. Brightly coloured cushions with fun quirky designs including caravans, hearts and clouds were stunning. The cloud cushions were my favourite though and I could definitely see one of my sitting on my bed.

(Image from

I am still toying with the idea of setting up my own craft business. I have loads of ideas but I am finding it hard to decide which path to go down. If I get myself sorted I would love to get a stall at Renegade next year if they come back to London!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bad news chin up


well I got an email today saying I wasn't successful for the job I had the interview for last week. It upset me quite a lot as I really want to get a job that is more creative/design based so I really can use my degree. Working where I am at the moment is ok - and I know I should be grateful that I have a job when so many out there are struggling to find work - but I feel like I have wasted the last four years and have just gone back to the sort of thing I was doing when I left school at 16!

Being a graduate is not how I was hoping it would be. I know what I need to do to help me get a job but at the moment I can't afford to work for free in order to get an entry level positon :(

Sorry for the melodramatic 'poor me' post! Tomorrow I will hopefully be writing something a bit more interesting based on an article I read in this weeks Stylist magazine.

Is anyone else struggling to find the job of their dreams? Would love to hear some success stories too!
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