Monday, October 17, 2011

Renegade Craft Fair


After my bad news I haven't really felt great about blogging. Several times I have sat down and wanted to write but nothing ever seems like its worth it. I am going to try and ease myself back in with a few posts about what I have been getting up to recently.

Last Saturday I travelled across London to visit the Old Truman Brewery, right by Spitalfields Market where the Renegade Craft fair was being held. Finding the venue felt like a little adventure as we followed chalk directions and arrows on the pavements to a little black door surrounded by bunting and the famous owl sign. After entering the giant room we were confronted by a wealth of colour, texture and sound and instantly I knew it was worth the trek!

I had taken cash with me but mainly was looking for inspiration for my birthday and Christmas list as they always come around I never have any ideas and end up not getting anything I really love. I found so much that I want I am going to have to start befriending random people so I can ask for more presents!

A couple of my favourite places were the Pretty Zoo stall and Elsy and Vine. The hare necklace from Pretty Zoo is stunning and I love the cute wooden frame the little portraits sit in. I would have bought it straight away however it was £40 so will definitely be putting it on my Christmas list!

(Image from Pretty Zoo Website)

The textiles from Elsy and Vine were right my street. Brightly coloured cushions with fun quirky designs including caravans, hearts and clouds were stunning. The cloud cushions were my favourite though and I could definitely see one of my sitting on my bed.

(Image from

I am still toying with the idea of setting up my own craft business. I have loads of ideas but I am finding it hard to decide which path to go down. If I get myself sorted I would love to get a stall at Renegade next year if they come back to London!

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  1. Hope you're ok lovely after the news <3
    This post is super cute! It seems just my cup of tea too!! :)
    Hope you had a lovely time!!
    x x x


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