Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekly Round Up 1

weekly round up 1

1. I have finally started making Christmas presents. We have decided that for most of our family we are going to make little food and drink hampers. My first task was to make so Asian Chilli Jam a la Lorraine Pascale. It was so easy and looks really tasty!

2. I have started making all sorts of bits for Polka Dot Dreams including boxes, tags and stationery. I also ordered some die cut stickers from America which are amazing!

3. Yay! My first sale! I am perhaps a bit over excited but I was half expecting never to sell anything. However a girl in Kent will soon be the proud owner of my first ever fox double ring!

4. This week Bramble has been very odd. One minute she is calm and soppy, the next she is crazy and running around all over the place. One thing I can guarantee though, is that after a long walk she will sleep for ages!

5. Although we have put the tree up, decorated it with all manner of lights, tinsel and home-made decorations and put tinsel and baubles all over the flat, I still cannot walk past a Christmas shop without going in. More often than not I end up buying a little something, which is how I came to own this little fella!

6. On Saturday I met my Mum in London with a view to visiting Winter Wonderland but we decided against it because it was crazy busy. Instead we spent the afternoon wandering up and down Kensington High Street, which was lovely. I was mainly browsing as I don't really have any money to spend on myself but I fell in love with this sausage dog dress by Yumi - and it was half price!


  1. Aw seems like you had a really cute and creative week :)
    The jam looks amazing too!
    x x x

  2. Looks like you had a great week! Well done on your first sale, how exciting :D and I love the print on the dress you bought, so cute xx

  3. the dress looks so gorgeous and cute it really does. Love the print. And how adorable is your dog.. cute name too!


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