Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let there be order Part 1!

I have been itching to get organised recently. Every time I open my bedside drawers it takes me about half an hour to find what I want. I also have a very bad habit of as soon as something goes in the drawer I forget I have it and end up buying very similar products whenever I pop to Boots.

As I have recently got my third Feel Unique Beauty Box I decided it was time to start recycle the boxes. I love the fact that they are perfect little drawers so I just stacked them up and sorted my make up into each drawer. It made me realise that I don't actually have that much so I am thinking a little cosmetics haul coming after pay day....

So here is my little collection of make up - when I get my next box in February I am going to separate my lip and face make up but for now it is ok! 

Tomorrow I will post about my amazing bargain jewellery boxes that I bought in the Debenhams sale!

Have you felt the need to get organised? Any tips I should know?


  1. This is a great way to organise and recycle the beauty boxes! x

    1. Thanks :) I'm sure it is not a unique idea but it is handy none the less! x


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