Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Reading - Frankie Magazine

Ello Lovelies,

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I spent yesterday at the In Laws as we were celebrating the boys mum's birthday which was earlier in the week. I was in charge of creating the pudding - which is trickier than it sounds when you are trying to make something for a woman who doesn't really like sweet things and a man who is diabetic... In the end I made a lime meringue pie which went down well with everyone!

Anyway here is the second instalment of Sunday Reading which this week features Frankie Magazine. 

I have wanted to read this magazine for ages but I have never been able to find an issue. I found this one in Selfridges but it is already an issue behind :( I still love it though! It is full of wonderful craft, art and design inspiration whilst still feeling really modern and fashionable which a lot of magazines don't get quite right. The only problem I have found is the temptation to buy this from all lovely shops advertised. 

I have also started reading The Game of Thrones on my Kobo after watching the entire series last weekend. I love it already. I was getting really stuck in a rut with the books that I read so this is a nice change.

What have you been reading lately?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love and Patchwork!

image via Pinterest here

Ello Lovelies,

Happy Valentine's Day! I am not one for this soppy holiday but there is no harm in wishing people good luck in love :)

I would also like to introduce to you the my first ever patchwork project......*drum roll*.......

My patchwork beanbag pouffe!

I love floral patterns and fabric but as I live with 2 boys (who both have very masculine taste... ie none!) I decided to try and tone down the pretty flowers by 3 different washes of denim and a couple of other plainer blue fabrics. It was surprisingly easy to make and although it is not all perfectly square and accurate I love it! 

Amazingly this project was completely free as I had all the fabric leftover in my stash along with a very long zip that I used for the opening. We also recycled the beans from an old bean bag that was falling apart.

If anyone is interested in a 'how to' I can see what I can!

What do you think? Have you tried patchwork?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Reading - Lionheart Magazine

Ello Lovelies!

I have decided to start a new regular feature on a Sunday featuring what I have been reading. I love all sorts of magazines and books and thought it would be cool to dedicate Sundays to them!

First up is my new magazine crush - Lionheart Magazine. This gorgeous little bible features all the things I love, craft, fashion, illustration, art and more! I first heard about it over on twitter and had to buy Issue One straight away. I received this beauty just before Christmas but still haven't finished reading it as I have been savouring every last word and image. 

You can still buy Issue One here and I urge you to do just that! It is the perfect antidote to the horrible cold weather we have at the moment!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Points make Prizes!

Folksy Prizes - Make Hey While the Sun Shines by Pip Lincolne and Handmade Sugar Bowl by Julia Smith Ceramics

As promised here are pictures of the beautiful prizes I won from the Folksy Valentines competition. I have had Make Hey While the Sun Shines by Pip Lincolne in my Amazon wish list since it came out last November but as I had been on a self imposed craft book ban (I have rows and rows of them!) I hadn't been able to order it. It is full of lovely little projects some of which I can't wait to try out but also stunning inspirational photos.

I did not expect the Sugar Bowl by Julia Smith Ceramics to be so pretty! It is so cute with the little ladybirds crawling up the side. I am now on the search for a beautiful vintage spoon to put in it as my Ikea ones just do not do it justice!

Mollie Makes Oh Deer Prize

I also realised that I haven't posted about the gorgeous little deer figurine I won from Mollie Makes before Christmas. I can't wait until I have a proper mantel piece to display him on!

Also I would just like to thank everyone again for all the lovely comments recently :) I am now just 1 away from 50 followers which is amazing!! I better get on with collecting bits and pieces for the giveaway....

Hope you are all staying safe and snug in the snow!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A week of good luck and happy times!


Firstly I would like to say big welcome to all my new readers! When I started this blog I didn't think anyone would be interested in my crazy little life but now I have 43 followers and I couldn't be happier. Everytime I see that another lovely person has taken the time to press the follow button it brightens my day so thank you!!

I have had lots of good news this week which makes a change. I had a very good meeting on Wednesday that re-inspired my desire to design again so I have been scouring all the menswear shows and browsing all my favourite inspiration sites to get ideas for a new collection. It had felt really good to research again and I am hoping creating some new work will lead to good things!!

In the last week I have been really lucky to win a blog giveaway and a competition! I found out last Friday that I had won the wonderful Birdy Calendar by Joanne over at Origami Chicken and I love it! I am not sure how I am going to display it yet but when the year is out I am going to put them all in a big frame. The illustration are so cute and funny! I think I love October the most - how can you not love an owl stuck in a carved pumpkin! You can still buy them over at Joanne's etsy shop here.

birdy calendar

Most of you probably already know that somehow I won the Folksy Valentines collection competition. I am still a little bit in shock to be honest! It probably didn't help that I found out when I was randomly browsing Facebook... (for some reason my email didn't update very quickly!). I really loved creating the collection and will definitely be featuring more of the wonderful British talent on Folksy on the old blog! I cannot wait to receive my prizes and have been anxiously waiting by the door every morning since hearing the news - I am hoping tomorrow is the day. I also noticed that some of my chosen items are on the Folksy homepage right now!

This weekend I am hoping to spend baking a trial lemon and lime meringue pie which if goes to plan I will be making for the boys mum for her birthday. My Mum and Stepdad hopefully are going to be able to make it over on Sunday for a roast if the snow doesn't scupper plans! I may even be able to slot in another outfit post if the weather is nice enough for a photo!

Have you had any good news this week? Are you looking forward to the snow?

Stay snug!

p.s. (as if this post isn't long enough already!)

I am contemplating holding a giveaway once I get to 50 followers. I am not sure what it will include yet but I have a few ideas - What do you think?
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