Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hey Lovelies,

It seems like once a month I try to set up a weekly feature on the ol' blog. I am still hoping to pick up Sunday Reading again as soon as I actually have time to read anything other than job descriptions and my CV over and over again! Ever since joining Etsy earlier this week I have become a little bit obsessed. There is an  abundance of amaxing handmade items, supplies and vintage bits that I could do this feature every day until I'm 80 and I still wouldn't have scratched the surface.

Today I have chosen some of favourite things. let me know what you think!

This Peace Bear Necklace

This Giant Floor Cushion

This Aztec Style Beaded Ring

This Geometric Wooden Bear Brooch

What do think of my Etsy finds? Have you found anything amazing?


  1. That cushion is just lovely and I really love the bear brooch too! Great finds Samantha :-)


    1. Thanks Jade. I am in love with the colours on that cushion but I don't think I could stretch to £150 though! x


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