Monday, April 2, 2012

Bargains Galore

Hey Lovelies,

Yesterday evening I was very excited to learn that the #fbloggers topic was based on ethical fashion. I love the idea of shopping and living as ethically as possible and always try to live responsibly be that recycling, reusing or repairing.

I also love the idea of buying ethical fashion but find that it is not easy on my little wage when I have lots of other more boring things to spend my money on as well. My solution is to shop as much as I can through Ebay, Charity shops or Car boot sales. Although the garments themselves may not have been produced ethically in the first place I think the more pressing issue recycling the items that people no longer want.

At the moment in the Women's Category on Ebay there are 4,450,159 items of clothing for sale! That is an astounding number. If you take into account all the items that are in Charity Shops and at Car Boot sales too there is bound to be something for you.

One of the best things about shopping in places besides the high street is that you can still buy the latest trends at a third of the price and you don't end up looking like a fashion clone.

With that in mind I thought I would share some of best buys from Ebay and Charity shops with you :)

 Vintage Cream Cardigan Coat 99p from Ebay

 Sheer Floral Floaty Top £2.50 from Ebay

 M&S Limited Collection High Waisted Dark Skinny Jeans £5.70 from Ebay

 Topshop Pastel Floral Sun Dress £7.20 from Ebay

 Urban Outfitters Floral Handbag £8 from Ebay

Urban Outfitters Studded Brown Leather Ankle Shoes £4.50 from Ebay

Brand New Coral Leather Loafers £4 Charity Shop

What do you think of my bargains? Do you buy from Ebay or so you prefer buying new from shops?
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