Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shops I Shouldn't Love: Store Twenty One

Hello Lovelies,

Since I don't have very much spare money I have to be very careful to make it stretch as far as possible. I still want to be able to buy new clothes and accessories but have to make sure I am getting the best deal possible. There are a few shops (online and on the high street) that I also seem to be able to find a gem in amongst the otherwise cheap rubbish. This series will showcase these sometimes overlooked bargain destinations!

First up is Store Twenty One, or if you are as old as me you will remember it as Quality Seconds and then QS. I have found some great fashion pieces in here and love pretty much all their homewares. You definitely need to go in with your bargain head on but with a little bit of rummaging you should fine something great!

Here are my favourite bits at the moment

Top - The print on this top is really interesting. I love leopard print in colours other than tan so this blue version is right up my street.
Jumper - I have been looking for the perfect oversized cable knit jumper for years. I think this navy one might be the one!
Leggings - I have two pairs of these knitted cable leggings and I love them. They are so warm and comfortable and at £6.99 each I think I need to stock up.
Satchel - This little red satchel bag is  my perfect winter bag. I love small bags as otherwise I end up carrying around lots of useless rubbish and the colour is just lovely.
Storage Boxes - I have these storage boxes in a different pattern and they look great in my Studio. I have seen very similar boxes for twice, sometimes three times, the price and I love that they come in such a wide variety of prints and patterns.

What are your favourite bargain destinations?


  1. I completely did not realise that Store Twenty One is the old QS! I had forgotten about that shop! Did you used to go to MK One too?


    1. I know its funny how they try and reinvent themselves! I don't think I ever went to MK One before! x

  2. eerrrr, how adorable is that bag!

    ps. you've been nominated for a liebster award!


  3. Hi ... From your newest follower... Hope that your blog is blessed blessed blessed. I love it here .. Saw you on another blog .. Glad that I stopped by to visit.. check out The Rusty Pearl if you ever get a chance .. WOULD love to have ya ............. Hugs


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