Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another New Addiction

Hey Lovelies,

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my uncontrollable moaning about being ill. I don't handle being ill very well and usually end up moping in my pyjamas under a blanket on the sofa. This time I thought I would try and take my mind of being poorly and learn to crochet granny squares properly.

I have been crocheting pretty much as long as I have been knitting but it has never really grabbed me in the same way. I love the look of granny square blankets and cushion covers and thought that I since I was looking to update our living room scheme a bit anyway I might as well make my own!

I found a bundle of forgotten about yarn in my stash and set to work. After a couple of mistakes I finally got understood the pattern and now I can't stop making them!

I also am not sure what shape cushion to make - should it be square or rectangular?

What do you think of my first attempt at granny squares?

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