Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: MUA £1 Nail Polish

Hello Lovelies,

Now I am sure if you saw my nail varnish collection you would say that I didn't need anymore... and you would probably be right.

However as with all beauty/fashion/craft related things in my life it is more a case of:

'Is it a bargain?'

'Do I have room for it?'

'Will the boy notice if I buy it?'

If the answers are Yes, Yes and No then we have a purchase!

So in comes 3 ever so cute nail varnishes that I couldn't say no to as they were only £1 each!

L-R: Bright Pink, Pistachio Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt all £1 each from MUA 

They are by MUA and yes they are a complete design rip off of Essie for they are just so cute. The coverage is pretty amazing too. All the below swatches were 2 coats. I also was wearing the purple shade for about 4 days before there was any sign of chipping - and that was mainly due to too much washing up (I must train the boy better!).

Bright Pink

Pistachio Ice Cream

Frozen Yogurt

There are 18 colours in the range at the moment and I think I will have to go get some more on Pay Day!

What do you think about these polishes? Have you treated yourself to any bargain beauty?


  1. Oh wow these are really cute, and such a bargain! Where did you buy them from?


    1. you can get them at superdrug or online at :)


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