Friday, April 5, 2013

View from my Desk

I kill plants. I don't mean to. I try my damnedest to water them, check they have enough sunshine and pull of any dead leaves or flowers but something else always catches my eye and I forget about the. In fact the boy and I have a running joke about it. Whenever his Mum comes to visit she brings me a plant - by her next visit it is dead!

Now I love plants and flowers! They brighten a dull day and make even the most boring shelf look full of life and colour so I decided to try and find something that even I could keep alive... enter now the Succulent! When I was visiting my Dad last weekend I noticed one of his plants had a little baby and he kindly let me have it. However this just prompted a crazy need to go to a garden center and buy some more.

Please excuse they picture heavy post but they are so cute!

What do you think? :)


  1. they look absolutely lovely, good luck keeping them alive :) I am the same, I have no idea how some of my plants have survived without water for two weeks sometimes. xx

  2. They look so sweet! The bf and I are exactly the same with plants- whatever the opposite of "green fingered" is, we are that. Any plant given to us is also given a death sentence. xx

  3. Out of curiosity, what type of cactus is the one in the midsize red pot, with all the arms? I'm looking at getting a cactus and that is just what I'm looking for!


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