Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine's Day

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Although the boy and I don't really go in for the whole over the top pink and fluffy loved up Valentines Day stuff we do like to spend the evening together having a nice meal and snuggling on the sofa watching films. We had plans to do this last week but unfortunately due to things out of our control our plans were scuppered!

I have been promised a home cooked meal to make up for it but I could well be waiting until next Valentines Day! On the day itself I decided to snuggle up in my new favorite jumper from G21 at George. It is so snuggly and soft and I love that it is slightly cropped so I can wear it with my high-waisted jeans. I decided to wear it with a knitted heart necklace that I made ages ago - which has inspired a new collection for Polka Dot Dreams.

I will hopefully be featuring a few bits from my new collection on here in the next week or so but in the meantime follow me on Instagram (here!) for sneak peaks!

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